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1. Application
The machine is suitable for slitting &Slicing ,rewinding all kinds of film, BOPP, PET, CPP, OPP,PE ,PVC shrink film,adhesive label, aluminum foil,insulating paper , Polyester film slitting and rewinding ,Kraft paper,Brown paper etc.

2. Features:
1.The machine is a kind of vertical separating and cutting machine, rolling and releasing can be in front of or at the back of the machine.
2. The main motor adopts the frequency inverter control
3. Independent master control panel, more flexible and even easier operation.
4. Automatic EPC for unwinding, photocell is suitable for tracking the edge and color of transparent material.
5. Equipped with magnetic powder brake for unwinding tension control
6. Magnetic clutch control for rewinding tension control
7.Unwinding auto tension with load cell device optional.
8. Waste edge blowing tunnel
9. Automatic meter counting of material moving length
Model DBFQ-1300
Max. slitting width:1300mm
Min. slitting width:45mm
Max.diameter of unwinding:600mm (Depend on customer)
Max.diameter of rewinding:450mm
Max slitting speed :400m/min
Slitting precision:±0.15mm
Slitting Knife(Up/Down)Each 10pcs/set
Pneumatic Source:0.6mpa
machine weight: 3200kg
1.Q:Are you a factory or trading company?
A:We are a factory and we have years of experience of manufacture of rewinding and slitting machines.
2.Q:Does the machine be able to cut different size of tapes?
A:Yes absolutely , you can set any width by the PLC controller.
3.Q:Do you have the manual book ?
A:Yes, and if necessary , our engineers are available to service overseas .And our machines are highly automatical and easy to operate.
4.Q:How long does it usually take you to make the delivery.
A:As a rule ,we deliver our machine within 1 month , and of cause it will take longer for special orders , but in no case would it take longer than 3 months.
5.Q:The voltage in our country is different from yours,does the machine can be changed?
A:Yes, we can make the change for customers.
6.Q:How about your warranty?
A:One year ,wearing parts not included Label Slitting Machine quotation
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