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For the new year, we need something new to welcome it--2021. If you are getting tired of your daily outlook, how about trying something that you never tried before? Hair loss can easily become a woman’s nightmare since hair can be perceived as an element to be proud of and something that gives you confidence. But do not worry, today’s topic focuses on tips and tricks into place in order to ensure your human hair wig looks thicker and bouncy.

Using human hair weave bundles
There are various types of bundles available on the market at the moment. The amount needed will very much depend on your hair length. Another option would be to adopt layers, which will make your hair appear thicker. These two tricks have an immediate effect on your hair and make it look beautiful.
Blow-dry your human hair wigs
Once washed, human hair wigs do not maintain their styling like synthetic ones, that's why it is recommended to blow dry them in order to achieve the best result out of it. You can either use your hands or a wig stand to style it. We would recommend you blow dry it until it is 50% dry and then you can start the styling process. We suggest you set your hair dryer to medium heat at full speed for a result. Additionally, use your fingers and direct the airflow towards the root of the hair.

Stop over-brushing your human hair wig
Over-brushing your lace front water wave wig will contribute to the hair getting easily broken and your wig not looking its best. That is why we would recommend a wide-toothed brush as it will be friendlier for your human hair wig. On the contrary, it will be bad if you don’t brush your wig either because it will be more to tangle.

Tease you hair
Making small sections of your hair will create more volume. You can simply take a small section of your hair and then backcomb it in the direction of your head. You can then use hairspray for the root of the section and repeat the same process by diving it into small sections all the time and this way you will be able to create height and shape for your hair.

Use a wig hair thickening shampoo and add deep conditioner too
Since your wig is part of your daily life, it is exposed to multiple factors that can make it lose its shine and texture. But do not worry, there is always a shampoo for that, however, choosing the shampoo is important and you need to make the choice, otherwise, it may lead to breaking of the scalp. You can buy a shampoo labeled as “lightweight” as this will serve the same purpose and contribute to thicker hair. Industry professional recommends using hair masks and deep conditioners in order to reduce hair loss. It is also recommended to put into place a pre-shampooing treatment. It is strongly advised to use high-quality care products as this will help your human hair wig from tangling.

Switch the part of sew-in wigs
Switching the part of the sew-in wig will help uplift the hair’s roots. Parting your hair will help it boost the volume. This is a simple and straightforward procedure that gives your hair more volume by switching your hair to the opposite side.

Root Cover Up
You can also use a powder that covers the roots and which will instantly make your hair look thicker. By touching up roots, the tinted powder having the same shade as your hair can be either sprinkled or applied with a brush. Nobody will even see the difference or come to it.

Maybe you can come to Yolissa for a look.
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