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If you are wondering which hair texture will be perfect to create bouncy curls. The answer is that there are many hair textures that have the ability to be styled into this bombshell curly hair.

But normally people who own straight hair and body wave bundles are the favorable candidates to have bouncy curls with less fuss.

West Kiss Hair Pre Plucked Virgin Hair Body Wave HD Lace Closure Wigs Amazing Lace Melted Match All Skin Color Bettyou Series

Brazilian curly wigs design with natural pretty looking and soft touch. The wave and curls are very full and big, are specially designed to look completely natural. You can wear it to parties or for daily use. West Kiss provides natural curly cheap human hair lace front wigs, lace closure wigs, body wave frontal wig, for women with high quality and no bleaching need for wigs beginner.

Curly hair is classic and seems never to go out of style because of its diversity in styles. And as one of the upgraded versions of curly hair, a bouncy curly hair can be attractive, and sexy someone would say.

And having bouncy curls is not as troublesome as it appears, this style is easy to achieve and carefree comparing with other kinds of curls, such as kinky curly hair that require more care to keep the curls stay in style. If you have any questions about curly hair type, you can check our blog curl hair type. A bouncy curl is just a simple spiral of hair with bouncy and loose texture.

Here Is Our Bouncy Curls Tutorial

1.For medium-length hair, this tutorial gives big, round, bouncy curls. It's great for those who used to rely on extensions for body and style, but now prefer the more natural look.

The trick here is speed... If you hold your hair against the curling wand for too long, you'll end up with a totally different curl, so it's best to hold it for just a few seconds.

1. You need to blow-dry the waves outside of the hair with the round brush to keep the curl look more bouncy and sexier. Hide the tracks, part the hair to cover the tracks.

2. Use a wax stick applying on the top of the closure to make preparation for the hot comb. Make this move to make sure the hair stays in place and prevent flyaways hair. Make sure the hair looks as smooth as possible with a hot comb.

3. Deal with the frontal of the closure, comb the hair back to show up the hairline. And you can create baby hair with some spritz on the hairline. Press the hair back for enabling a bombshell look. You need to make the hair have some waves instead of letting them straight down naturally.

4. Apply some heat protectants to prevent your hair from damaging with heat tools. And use the oil to light up the hair and give the hair shiny looks, making it alive.

5. Fram the hair near your face, this step can give you layers, which is important for you to create voluminous curls. Cut the layers vertically and cautiously in case of thinning the hair too much.

6. After you curl your hair with a curling iron, the crucial step is that you need to let the hair sitting in your hand for a while(15-20 seconds), letting the heat retained inside the curl.

7. Set the bombshell style, you can use a blow dryer to cool down your hair and hairspray to fix up the style.
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