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Do you have 613 blonde color in your human hair lace wigs? 613 blonde hair is a very popular color these years. Some people may worry that the hair color is too light, which will easily be seen as a wig. Today's article will detail how to wear this lace wig to make it look natural.

1B/613 ombre color Full lace wig with 150% density blonde straight virgin hair wholesales on WestKiss. Buy full lace front wigs for ombre color from WestKiss wigs and choose your favourite lace wigs by different lengths.

How to Install a 13x6 613 Blonde Lace Front Wig?

Step 1: Part your real hair down the middle and braiding your hair back into two braids. Then Clean the perimeter of your forehead. Next, taking a skin colored wig cap. Use a skin colored powder or foundation to apply it to the wig cap, which will help the honey blonde lace front wig blend better and apply seamlessly.

Step 2: Cut ear holes on each side to make sure everything lays flat. Then take the gel, you can apply a thin layer along the perimeter of your forehead. And use the blow dryer on low heat and just blow that into a tacky substance. You should touch it with your finger to feel if it is tacky enough and if you like the consistency you can go ahead and press down the lace.

Next, take some rubbing alcohol and wipe the perimeter of your forehead to clean up any excess glue, powder, etc.

Step 3: Apply the cheap wigs human hair with lace frontal in sections. (ex: lay the middle, left side, then the right) Don’t attempt to place the entire frontal on the glue at once, that can cause more mess-ups to have to fix later.

Step 4: Cut off the excess lace. You can use scissors or an eyebrow razor. Just be careful not to cut off too much lace because if you did have a wig cap on you, it would be able to see your cap under that or if you don’t have a wig cap on and you have your edges, it’ll be able to see your natural human hair.

Put the same skin colored powder on the perimeter of the lace to make sure everything is blended. Repeat the same process until you cut all of the excess lace off.

Step 5: Push the lace into the glue with a rat-tail comb and a blow-dryer. It can press everything down and make sure everything looks seamless nice and neat. Next, you can go in with the spray to lay any remaining lace and blowing drying it down.

Step6: Place the same skin coloured powder along the perimeter of the lace to blend it into your skin.

Step 7: Invest in a hot comb. It can help make your wig lay flat which ultimately makes it look more natural.

Once that done, you can get into styling with cheap lace wigs. Make a middle part styling. Take the wax sticker to make your part and make your hairline with the hot comb. And you should take a thin eyeliner or concealer brush to take some powder and put it into your part to make sure everything is blended evenly and it doesn’t look super ashy up top. You can also take out some little sideburns to make more natural.

Where To Buy The 13x6 613 Blonde Lace Front Wig?

The hair box comes with the blonde lace front wigs, a wig cap, an elastic band, a tied bag that you can store your wig in and it also comes with a silk headscarf or a head wrap so you can set your baby hair with that and of course they came with maintenance on how to take care of your wig.

The 13x6 blonde lace front wig has 150–200 density, it does come with combs and adjustable straps. The lace is transparent and you can do deep side parts or deep middle parts if you wanted. What’s more, it is already becoming pre-plucked.

Shop for high quality 613 blonde ombre lace front wigs with baby hair for straight and long hairstyles on West Kiss Hair. No matter what colored wigs your favorite look, you can choose difference color hair like hightlight hair, 99j hair, #27 hair on the West Kiss Hair.
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