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What is a lace frontal wig?
The cheap human hair lace frontal wig is a wig with a circle of lace at the front of the wig. The standard size is 13x4 inches, extending 4 inches backward and 13 inches horizontally. This wig can perfectly cover the hairline, creating a natural and authentic look. Human hair lace frontal wig is very flexible, you can create various hairstyles in the middle and side parts, or tie up a ponytail.

About Products:
Lace size: 13x4 inches, 13x6 inches, 360
Hair density: 150%, 180%, 200%, 250%
Curvature of hair: straight wigs, curly wigs, body wave wigs, water wave wigs, loose deep wave wigs
Source: Brazil, Malaysia, Peru
Chemical process: 100% untreated
Suitable dyeing colors: all colors
Properties: soft, no tangles, no shedding, minimal shedding, no peculiar smell, long service life.
What is a headband wig?
A headband wig is a wig composed of a wig and a headband. The headband covers the hairline at the front, and the wig is sewn soft colorful bundles cap. Some people call this kind of wig a half wig. The appearance of the hairband avoids the problem of the hairline and also looks very fashionable and novel. Because the hairband can be changed at will, you can buy more hairbands and replace them, so that you can have a different mood.
What is the difference between lace frontal wigs and headband wigs?
Materials used
The front side of the affordable bundles is made of lace, which roughly covers the area from ear to ear, and the back part is made of thicker but comfortable material.
The front of the headband wig uses different styles of hairbands, which can cover the hairline and can also play a nice decorative role. The back is a hair cap made of fabric, without any lace.
Natural appearance
The half-circle lace on the lace frontal wig is very light and breathable, and the lace color can be close to the skin color. It is difficult for people to see the connection between the wig and the scalp, creating the illusion of one's own original hair.
The material used in the front of the headband wig is a hairband. Many people ignore the problem of the hairline of the wig and think that they just wear a hairband to decorate themselves and make them look more fashionable.
The lace frontal wig looks natural on 613 frontal and bundles because the lace is almost invisible. The hair can be split in the middle or on the sides. Similarly, the lace frontal wig is only attached to your head with adhesive on the hairline above the forehead.
Because the headband wig has a hairband restriction on the front, the wig will be combed back as a whole, so there is not much freedom in the parting part. Few people will split their hair in the middle of the back of the headband.
The 613 wig material has lace, which is very light and breathable, which makes the shape more changeable, and the separated parts are freer. It can create a very natural effect, so it is relatively more expensive than wearing a headband wig.
How to get the wigs?

If you want to try a new hairstyle tomorrow, then SuperNova Hair Mall may be a good place to buy wigs. There are many kinds of wigs with high quality and low price. Each wig is made of 8A grade 100% virgin hair.
You are welcome to come and buy.
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