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Lace closure wigs is cheaper than frontal wigs, but frontal wigs will show more beautiful and natural looks. For that person on a budget, it's easy to entangle.
In order to save your unnecessary troubles, today I will teach you how to make closure wigs look like frontal wigs.

HD wigs
What is a closure?
The standard lace size of closure wig is usually 4 by 4 closure wig, covering an area from temple to temple at the other end, placed in the middle of the front of the head. It is 4 inches long and 4 inches wide, just like a perfect square. Closures also have other lace sizes designed for customers, such as 5 by 5 lace closure wig, 6x6 inches, and so on. There are three different options for closure: middle part closure, free part closure, and three-part closure. While protecting the health of natural hair, it also perfectly modifies your hairstyle.

What is a frontal?
The standard lace size of the frontal wig is 13x4 inches and 13x6 inches, covering the area from the ear to the other ear, usually extending 13 inches horizontally and 4 inches backward, which can form a complete hairline and create a real scalp illusion. The frontal can freely separate the hair, no matter which style is set, it is very natural, from the left or the middle, it is very OK to comb it into a half ponytail or a full ponytail.

The similarities between the closure and the frontal
The closure or frontal part of the bundles cheap wig is made of high-quality Swiss lace, which can well cover the hairline and conceal the difference between the scalp and the wig. This is very effective for the natural look of the wig. Besides, they play a key role in the process of sewing or gluing human hair lace wigs.

The difference between the closure and the frontal
The most obvious difference between the frontal and the closure is the size. The standard lace size of the closure is 4x4 inches. It can be seen that the closed coverage area is relatively small and the hairstyle boundary is restricted. The standard lace size of the frontal is 13x4 inches, covering the area from ear to ear, which looks more natural than closed. At the same time, there will be more choices of dividing lines and more variable shapes.
Since the frontal is was generally more comfortable and natural than closure, the price will be more expensive accordingly.

How to make a closure look like a frontal?
1. Prepare a closure wig. Straight hair, body wave hair, and curly hair are all fine. For beginners, straight hair is relatively suitable.
2. Spray some water on the hairline, pull out some hairline hair in advance after moistening, make it thinner, and cut out some baby hair with scissors, so that it will look more natural.
3. Knit your hair in advance and press it on the scalp as tightly as possible to facilitate subsequent operations.
4. Put on a hair cap on your head, adjust the position, and then evenly smear the shadow on the hairline position of the hair cap to make the color closer to the skin color of the hairline, which is more realistic and natural.
5. Put on the wig, adjust the position, and then spray some hair gel on the gap between the hairline of the wig and the headgear to make the wig adhere to the head more firmly.
6. Spray some hair gel on the baby's hair, comb or toothbrush to make it stick to the forehead.
7. Use the electric heating rod or splint to adjust the hairstyle and make it look like you like it.

West Kiss Hair--You can trust it!
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