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Dying or bleaching both involve putting chemicals all over the hair curls. Most hair dyes are made from chemical matter. Chemicals can damage the hair curls, affect the general health of hair curls. Some bad-quality hair dyes even contain coal tar, a carcinogenic chemical. The frequent dying or bleaching not only can damage the hair curls of your hair wigs made of frontal with bundles but also can shorten their working life.

Why dying damage your hair curls?

It depends on how strong or weak the 100% human hair bundles with closure is, on the person’s curl, and their type of hair. There are some people where I can lighten them up, and their curl is completely fine, and then there are some people where it loosens up their curl just a little bit.

Why bleaching will damage your hair curls?

Bleaching your hair will damage your cuticle so proper moisture to the cuticle and protein is key. Strengthening the cuticle will help with moisture retention. Doing a weekly deep conditioner treatment like the Curly Hair Solutions Pure Silk Protein will help to prepare your curls for the bleach and restore your curls back to their crowning glory after the bleach.

Bleach is a chemical that dissolves the natural colour pigmentation in your hair; the rapid chemicals break down the hair. Bleach affects your curls greatly, your curls can lose elasticity and strength, your curls can even drop! Eek! Bleach can be a little scary, but it doesn’t have to be.

What's the biggest difference between dyeing curly and straight hair?

Say you wanted to color your hair dark and all one color; the thing with curly hair is it might look lighter on top and darker on the bottom because you have all of this curl down there, where it can start to look kind of like a black hole. You have no movement because you’re not seeing that curl, so that's something different. Whereas with straight hair, you kind of get to see it a little bit more. When it comes to curly hair and wanting to go darker, I tend to put little pieces of something a few shades lighter just to give that hair down toward the end a little more reflection, so it doesn't feel kind of like a black hole or like you can’t see your curl because it looks so dark.

Make sure to use the correct colour formula and products to protect your hair from colour shock. While bleach and other harsh colours have faster results for colour change, the risk for damage is higher – particularly if you are new to colouring your curls. Using proper hair colour, and following instructions carefully, will play a large role in saving your hair from colour damage.

How to protect the hair curls from the dying and bleaching process?

Choice high-quality hair dyes
No matter how good the quality or what type of hair dye is, including permanent color dye, temporary hair color dye, semi-permanent color dye, etc. A little dryness of hair curls is unavoidable. But bad-quality hair dye even can cause brittle hair, which is more prone to breakage.
Avoid doing other hairstyles in recent times
If your hair wig has recently been permed or straightened, you won't be changed the color of it in the near future. Bleaching and dying can lead to excessive damage to the hair curls.
2.3 Do some deep conditioning treatment before dyeing and bleaching
Do some deep conditioning treatments before bleaching and dying are necessary. It can add moisture to your hair curls, and play a certain protective function.

Use of essential oils
The use of essential oils is also good for cheap human hair bob wigs. These essential oils all have a direct effect on your hair curls that can care, strengthen them.

Make sure you rinse all the hair dye out
After dying or bleaching, you need to make sure to rinse all the hair dye out. Any remaining chemicals in the hair curls can cause secondary damage to the hair wig.

Find a professional hairstylist for help
If you don’t know how to dye or bleach a wig. It is better to have a professional hairstylist to help color your hair wig to avoid any bad mistakes.

Buy a new colored wig directly
Buying new colored hair wigs directly is the best way to have new hair colors when the costs are factored out. Where to buy a perfect colored wig? West Kiss Hair is a good supplier. There are many attractive colored hair wigs in our store. Like 99J burgundy wigs, 613 blonde wigs, #8 light brown wigs, #4 colored wigs, etc. Different hair colors can offer people different feelings. 613 blonde wigs are shining and bright that can attract people’s attention easier. 99J burgundy wigs are subtle and elegant.
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