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What Does a Hot Comb Do?
Just like flat iron, the main purpose of the hot iron comb is to break the hydrogen bonds in the hair, causing a sleek and straight result. If you weren't aware,
it is the hydrogen bonds in your hair that causes it to curl or kink up. When these bonds are broken, the hair can no longer stay within its curled state, and as a result, it hangs smooth and straight. Pressing hair with the hot comb is achieved by heating the comb and running a hot tool through the hair 5x5 closure wigs. This hot comb looks just like a normal comb, but is thicker and may be gold in color.

As the comb heats, the "teeth" in the comb get hot, as well as the "spine" or back of the comb which serves to hold all of the teeth in place. As you comb through your hair, the heated teeth, as well as the spine of the comb, will work to straighten the waves and texture in your hair to yield similar results that a flat iron would.

What are hot combs used for?

A heated comb works the same way as a flat iron, it straightens the tresses but instead of a clamp, it has a tooth comb that heats up. As the comb heats up, it relaxes the hydrogen bonds of the hair strands. To straighten the tresses, let the comb glide through the dry hair strands. Since the comb could get nearer to the hair roots compared to a regular flat iron, the straightened hair is flatter, sleeker.

Hot combs are often used for unruly tresses, kinky or curly hair as well as African American hair. Because the hair lies flat when straightened with a heated comb,
this device is quite popular among black users. There are two types of hot combs, electric straightening comb and stove hot comb. The latter is heated up on the stove before combing through the tresses. Electric hot combs tend to be a more efficient option as you can essentially plug in and go.

Hot comb on freshly washed and dried hair.
Blow dryer hair is best. Use a heat protectant.
A small amount will go a long way. Use a moisturizer.
A heat protectant will only moisturize but for so long. Use as minimum heat as possible to acquire the desired straightness.
Try to stay below 375 degrees. Section the hair.
Do not try to hot comb larger sections. Your efforts will be a time-waster.

Easy To Comb Lace Wigs Recommendations?

Bob Lace Wigs
Compared to long wigs, short bob wigs have short hair lengths that are easier to comb. Besides, short bob wigs also have more competitive, affordable prices. And West Kiss Hair will sometimes launch some flash sales of bob wigs at low prices. All customers can pay more attention to it. As a professional hair company, West Kiss Hair has more than 10 years of store sales experience. We always maintain our focus on the needs of the customers.

Straight Wigs

Compared to wavy wigs, straight wigs 13x6 lace frontal wigs are not curved, not easy to get tangled. So they are also easy to comb and maintain. A girl with long straight hair always
looks feminine, attractive.
There are different types of straight wigs in West Kiss Hair. Including lace wigs like 4x4 lace closure wigs, 5x5 lace closure wigs, 6x6 lace closure wigs, 13x4 lace front wigs, 13x6 lace front wigs, 360 lace wigs, full lace wigs, etc. New arrival wigs like headband wigs, U part wigs, etc. Different types of straight wigs have
different advantages, people can choose a preferred one for themselves.
We also offer more coloured straight wigs for all customers, like classic natural black hair color, bright 613 blonde hair color, warm #27 honey blonde hair color,
elegant 99J burgundy hair color, etc. West Kiss Hair offers customized service. If you want some special hair colors, please kindly contact us.
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