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100% virgin curly hair weave is thick, soft, silky and lustrous in texture, no smell, no shedding and tangle free. Virgin human hair is reported to have minimal shedding, but a normal amount of shedding for curly textures. Because of its virgin curly brazilian u part wigs texture, this hair requires lots of moisture and maintenance.
So I thought of including all applicable curly bob lace front wigs articles under a single post so that you can easily look up what particular curly hair routine looks like.
As you can see, in the morning I have quite the lion’s mane. A lot of curls have become loose over night and will need a little pick me up. After shaking my curls all over so that they are nice and poofy,

Care Tips
1.Co-wash your 4x4 closure wigs every week at least twice a week to keep it clean and soft, and you can leave the hair in the conditioner for a little longer time to get more nutrition.

2.Always use a heat protectant whenever you use heat on your hair to avoid breakage tangling and matted.

3.Wrap your hair up with a silk scarf for straight hair to avoid tangles in your sleep, and you can make braids before sleeping to keep your curly or wavy hair more textured.

4.Never brush your hair starting at the top! Always brush from the bottom up to avoid tangling and breakage and don’t brush your curly hair, just use your finger to separate the hair.

How To Perfect Curl

1.Reach for a styling potion that does double duty—hydrates and softens—so curls bounce back while providing hold. One that does the job is our Clear Control Pomade.
It uses a special blend of humectants and conditioners to create curl definition without heavy waxes or silicones that weigh curls down.

2.Nothing ruins Tight Curls faster than frizz. But mornings are no time to start from scratch. Enter our Texture Smoothing Frizz & Flyaway Fighter Spray.

You should do your best to keep it healthy and raise the confidence of yourself.Also,you need to try your best to care for your natural human hair to make it smooth and tangle-free, which will give you a perfect look.

While I used to always put my hair up in a pineapple before going to sleep at night, over the years, I have gotten a little more relaxed with my routine. Now, I have actually found it to be more comfortable to wear my hair down and sleep on a satin pillowcase. In the morning, my hair is pretty crazy, but reviving it is easy and barely takes me any time at all.
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